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fishin up date 04/07/17

Tarpon are the “Big” fish story right now, as the front moved in so did the Tarpon.
I spoke with 4 guides today and they all have Tarpon rods with them now.
Snook fishing is at a high point with lots of snook on both the east and west sides of the Harbor.
Over size red fish just south of Matlachee.

Fishi Up date 04/01/17

OK the water has warmed up a couple degrees and The Tarpon are herein the Harbor, This is a great time of year you are fighting a 3 pound Lady fish it is jumping and doing it’s Lady fish thing, and of a sudden that 3 pound Lady is a 100 pound Silver King. Yes it is common to be catching a Lady fish or Trout or even a Ceratosaurus and while reeling it in have a Tarpon engulf it now the Ifsh on your rods is 100 pound or more.

What can you say but NICE !!!!

Correction for Fish Club- Tuesday or Wednesday

Yes Tuesday the 11th or Wednesday the 12th, Tuesday the 18th or Wednesday the 19th
Sign up for one of the days Same topic each night. call 941-625-3888

Bring a Spinning Reel with you. We are going to teach how to take care of the Reel
oil and cleaning will be provided by us.  and we will talk about which reel are the best for what type of fishing
how to use your tackle to it’s best advantage.

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