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Fishin update 05/18/17

Sail fish have been caught, several in fact.
while people are fishin the reefs.  Put out a free line bait, and hope for it.
not enough to target them, but a very good chance at a by catch.

Fishin e-mails new feature. I can start posting some e-mails

Free-Wheel’in Fish’in Franklin”: Followed your directions to Riverside Ramp, a great lil gem of a places. Caught a few juvie snook on my Homeboy Flies& Jigs tipped with Gulps. Just wanted to thank your guys for some very useful info!

New fishin report and radio fishin 05/13/17

new fishin report and broadcast
the radio fishin broadcast follow the place by place report with more detail
as it is easier to talk than to type it all out.

Fishin Frank

Fishin up date 05/10/17

Sheep head biting at the Alligator creek reef, free line shrimp or if the currant is running a bit faster use a split shot to let it sink a bit. The sheep head will hit it as it drifts down. Not so much after it is on the bottom. and while you are there have fun with the Cobia,
Plenty of Cobia to play with but really hard to find a keeper.

here I have shown a lure which if you work it a bit deeper say 6 feet or so below the surface, you have a better chance of getting that keeper size Cobia

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