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Fishn up dates 06/24/17

The Tarpon have been way out in to the gulf or disappeared through a hole
in time space , but several have come back and are on the beaches.
North up from Venice north there is a ton of Tarpon on the beaches.

Boca pass to Gasparilla and down to Captiva the Tarpon are on the beaches there as well.
I hav3e a bet with Robert that the tarpon are going to be in the holes of the Harbor as the bait has moved in.
Lots of tarpon at the 41 bridge at night from 10 to dawn, and shrimp is the best bait.
Snook and Triple tail are the by catch

random thought 6/17/17

People like to say how hot and muggy it is here. OK I get that. But we have the Harbor and the Gulf.
Now lets compare Northern states, Hotter than heck muggy and the sky turns green. No Harbor, No gulf.

The middle of the country, Hot muggy , No harbor, no gulf, Sorry We Win,

Lots of the country is Hot & muggy, but if that’s the weather, this is the place to be in it.

the fishing is not bad. and if you need a breeze to cool off,

fire up the boat and make a breeze.

riding the Harbor to make a breeze, while on your boat {Priceless}

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