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up date ????? 08/31/17

There is many reason people have cancelled fishing trips with captains, this is one I had never heard of or even considered.

This person cancelled a charter fishing trip on the gulf, as they were convinced that the excessive rain fall here and in Texas had made to water level in the Gulf Of Mexico rise to an un-safe level.????? @!%$*&!@
Talk about urban legend and myth combined with a total lack of understanding the world.
Ok let just say they were going fishing in 90 feet of water out in the gulf. and if it was possible to raise the water level of the gulf so you would be in 96 feet? oh how horrifying?

Now lets just break this down, The gulf of Mexico is connected to the Caribbean sea/ocean, connected to the Atlantic, which connects to the pacific, and Indian and Japan, so on. So to raise the water level in the gulf the waters have to rise in all of the oceans everywhere.
So why during a hurricane does the water come up and destroy things on land?
this is called Storm surge. So How storm surge work, it is about the surge, or in other words the wind pushes the water on to the land, the water really does not rise so much as it is pushed in, like keeping water up your driveway with a garden hose, stop the water from the hose and it all runs off. still not get it? try this Picture the wind as an invisible dam, which holds the water in front of it while moving forward like a one way valve, when the wind stops it opens the valve and the water flows back where it was from.

Just FYI often we forget how people who are not, out doors people view the world, I find it funny, sad, and slightly dangerous.
The real world is not a nice place, and it is un-safe in so many ways, but these are real dangers, and making stuff up and not learning the real story can and will put you in danger. Ask questions from people who live it. and then ask again, then it is up to you find the truth. I look at many things and change my mind about issues and threats, or how to do things, as I acquire more information. Life is not a static issue and neither is information. Both thing always need to be up dated. Take the time to learn better ways of understanding,  One last thing. sometimes the more I learn, is that I might even find out or  confirm I had been doing it right after all. Or not.

Stay safe, stay informed.
Fishin Frank

Not a fishin update, Shingles that horrible rash

Yes a while back I had shingles. Wow painful is to say the least, really nothing the doctors do help much, found out I was on my own, to just live with it.
Then I noticed that the cold sores commercials on TV were just like the ones they showed for shingles. This showed shingles and the cold sores as doing the same thing, blowing up and having the same basic growth. So I started testing myself. Here is what I found. worked the best.

You get apple cider Vinegar any brand, and  cotton balls to lightly scrub/clean the area where the shingles are, with the vinegar, this will burn a little but it opens the shingles so the med can get it and work. Let the cider dry, Now you get a lip cream for oral herpes / cold sores. the best ones have ” Acyclovir” in them. Rub it on to the area with the shingles. with in a couple of days it will be/should going away.

I had it on my neck up pst my ears and into my scalp. where I could use this like my neck and ear the pain started to lessen by the next day and in two days was visibly less. Where I could not use this like in my hair it lasted almost two weeks longer.
I hope this helps you, it can not hurt. But I looked at the two viruses and they seemed to me to be almost the same. Shingles and Oral herpes.
Doctors get too hung up on they are different types, But I believe they have a commonality and it worked for me.

Fishin Frank

Fishin Franks

Red fish on the Bar south of Burnt store and just north of Pirate Harbor. Trout on the in side of Gasparilla Islands drifting with small pin fish below a float. Not a lot of reports, because of the rain and wind.
Good news some people got out and some of them are catching.
Fishin Frank

strange people running bait shop 08/26/17

Hey MR. Bass man

Darth Bait Vader or frank watching eclipse?

The Clown in the Picture below is being held by *** darn it I can’t do it.
Joke is just too easy.
Robert  and a Clown Knife fish, and F.F. with a peacock Bass

fishin store up dates 2 08/26/17

it is true Fishin Franks is part Bait shop and just a bit of a ZOO, in more ways than one. But Kids have been seeing playing with and touching bait for decades, here in the store. Years ago I knew this was going to be part of the everyday life here, so I added an extra 1000 gallons of salt water bins to the tanks, so even if the kids had something on their hands it could not kill the rest of the bait in the tanks. this is a problem if the bait tanks are not large enough. So we have kids and adults reaching in and touching often for the first time in their life, Shrimp, crab, bait fish, makes it more fun for everyone
Here is Steve letting some kids hold live shrimp for the very first time

Fishin store up-date 08/26/17

Well it is real, Josh Olive and Steve the pirate Peg-leg have passed the Captains test
and soon they will be Cat. Josh & Capt. Peg-leg

New Fishin reports 08/25/17

New place by place Fishin report
and three new shows on Radio fishin today

State wide Fresh water Fishin report

The area Salt water Fishin report.

Radio Fishin Law enforcement edition
Snook laws

road show and Events Calendar 2017-2018

Fishin Franks Events and Road Shows
Nov 16th – 19th > Fort Myers boat Show,

Jan 11th – 14th > Charlotte County boat show,
March 1st – 4th > Bonita Springs Boat show,
March 24th > Tent Sale Event-
June 30th > Fishin franks new product show case, F-cast

Fishin Club meetings are on Tuesday & Wednesday Nights from 6:30pm to 8:pm
Sept-12 & 13
Oct -10 & 11
Nov-14 & 15
Dec-12 & 13
Jan – 9 & 10
Feb – 13 & `14
Mar- 13 & 14
Apr – 10 & 11
May – 8 & 9
June – 12 & 13
July – 10 & 11
More night of the Fishin Club will be held if needed, The room only holds 50 people

Fishin up-date 08/24/17

Sheep head in the Canals around Cape coral and some in P.G.I.
it is like winter time in some of the canals. Yes 14 inch+ fish. How strange is this. and Spanish mackerel are growing in numbers around Charlotte harbor, From the reef off Alligator Creek to the passes and out into the near gulf more and more reports of Spanish.
Fishin Frank

New page on 08/19/17

this is an key or island on the east side, I could not find a name for it
So I call it bay back Key.

this is a link to the page with all of the Fishin spots

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