Not a fishin update, Shingles that horrible rash

Yes a while back I had shingles. Wow painful is to say the least, really nothing the doctors do help much, found out I was on my own, to just live with it.
Then I noticed that the cold sores commercials on TV were just like the ones they showed for shingles. This showed shingles and the cold sores as doing the same thing, blowing up and having the same basic growth. So I started testing myself. Here is what I found. worked the best.

You get apple cider Vinegar any brand, and  cotton balls to lightly scrub/clean the area where the shingles are, with the vinegar, this will burn a little but it opens the shingles so the med can get it and work. Let the cider dry, Now you get a lip cream for oral herpes / cold sores. the best ones have ” Acyclovir” in them. Rub it on to the area with the shingles. with in a couple of days it will be/should going away.

I had it on my neck up pst my ears and into my scalp. where I could use this like my neck and ear the pain started to lessen by the next day and in two days was visibly less. Where I could not use this like in my hair it lasted almost two weeks longer.
I hope this helps you, it can not hurt. But I looked at the two viruses and they seemed to me to be almost the same. Shingles and Oral herpes.
Doctors get too hung up on they are different types, But I believe they have a commonality and it worked for me.

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One response to “Not a fishin update, Shingles that horrible rash”

  1. Jocelyn Jazzi Brophy says :

    I think you are correct as in Chicken Pox is where the Shingles Virus originated in your body, therefore itchy painful blisters do have a commonality. Makes perfect sense to me.

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