Frineds Fishin update 09/04/17

Hello Frank,
Just moved to Punta Gorda in June and just bought a boat in late July, live at the very top end of BSI
Have listened to all of your archived shows and really appreciate all the info! It’s been very helpful
90% of my fishing is with fly.
For couple weeks before the rain I fished between Alligator and Mangrove point for the juv. tarpon on top the bar and just off,10-30lb avg. it was good!
Also fly fished east keys south of Alligator around the bushes and points a mile or two south, peanut snook, small snapper and a few jacks. Fished this past Friday before the holiday and outside the bar a couple miles north of Pirate were acres of ladyfish and small speckled trout, caught one or the other every few cast just blind casting with a 2/0 tarpon pattern I happened to have tied on.  One or two adult tarpon blew up on the ladys, A few bunches of jack in the creek mouths and on the bar.
All the dredging has been completed in Alligator and BSI rim canal for about two weeks, the barge your guys reported seeing last week in the channel was just a pile rig, they pulled the hopper dredge about two weeks ago and the excavator barge out of the water last week with a crane at the end of my canal.
In the canal out back there was a lot of 5-15lb tarpon all of June and July then disappeared, they had just started coming back with the tiny bait before the rain. Was some just after the rain but have seen none the last three or four days.. All of last week Alligator creek had a few small pods of the larger juv.  between Gator Marine and the old Marina but they would just gulp all at once then disappear deep, not really fishable. Think they may have been some of the same ones I was fishing out front, the water temp dropped  6-8F out there.
Really haven’t tried BSI or Alligator lately except saw a boil on the way out last week,  and had what looked like a decent snook hit an x-rap (single hooks) and missed on a seawall  point a little ways inside the lock canal.  Also for info if not aware? there is a sign that states “no fishing within 100′ of lock” (just thought I’d mention for your google page that shows fishing there?)
The rain water pushed out the tiny bait that was just getting good behind the house and rim canal, no bait or fish on my snook light now. Tiny snapper along the seawall though and maybe a few sheepshead popping critters on the wall and piles, least sounds like that.
Will try to give reports of anything I catch up here and will start checking the BSI canals and Alligator more often on the way out.
Love the Babies on the 8wt, can’t be anymore fun!
Thanks again for all your insight and help with the fishinfranks maps and reports…
Glenn F.
BSI, Punta Gorda

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