Fishing and the Hurricane 09/06/17

Fish are really effected by low pressure systems, and feed like crazy right before a drop in air pressure, So to sum it up. the fishing will get better and better and better until the moment the storm hits. now in this case it might be a little nuts to be waiting for a storm to hit just to catch a bunch of fish.

Why, well let me try this on you, if you have ever flown in a jet, your ears plug up, and you get very uncomfortable from the pressure changes while the plane is taking off or really bad as the plane lands.

Now think about a fish, inside of the fish they have a tiny swim bladder which is kind of like a balloon for lack a better thing. the fish squeezes the bladder and it sinks down in the water. If the fish expands the bladder it will float towards the surface.

The air around the earth has a basic pressure of 14 psi which press down on the surface of the water. during a storm the air pressure drops very fast, so the fish in shallow water feel it, and it makes their swim bladder expand unnaturally large making it hard for them to stay where they want to be in the water column, even to stay up- right.

So after millions of year the fish start to feel the pressure changes coming and know the result, so eat they as much as possible before it hits.
The deeper the water the less effect air pressure has on water pressure, at 33 feet the water creates another atmosphere of press basically 28 psi

right before hurricane Charley the sensors in the Harbor which track tagged fish, showed a mass exit from the harbor. Fish, Sharks all left the harbor heading to deep waters in the hours right before Charley hit land.

So away the air pressure drop is why I believe the fish feed so much right before a front. A Frankisum maybe not a trueisum.



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