what I think about hurrincanes 09/06/17

This is a Frank-isum, not for fact a true-isum

A lack of understanding about how storms work not a good thing, to be prepared for any thing you should understand it, not react emotionally!!! A little bit afraid is a good thing, reacting to that fear with out thinking a very bad thing.

When will a hurricane cause flooding from storm surge?

IF a storm hits the west Coast of Florida, say god forbid, South of us like Fort Myers all of the water in Charlotte Harbor would be pushed out. They say when Donna Hit you could walk from Port Charlotte to Punta Gorda across the river.

Now lets say if again, god forbid the storm hit north of us like Englewood or Sarasota the water would be pushed into the Harbor, which would or could cause Port Charlotte to Flood.

Now the only way a storm can create a really big or large storm surge is to be out and come in straight at the coast. It has to have time to get all of that water in front of it.
A storm going along the coast will create a very small or minimal surge.

A Hurricane is a low pressure zone. no matter how big or bad, it can NOT go into a high pressure zone, even into a moderate high. A high pressure zone is the stronger, but the low is meaner/nastier.

Storms even hurricanes roll along frontal boundaries, even hurricanes do not or maybe can not push through most fronts.

Just because a hurricane hits Florida does not mean we get flooded, One thing it is a huge state.
Storms landing here Miami would not even notice. Think !!!!

To try and figure out where a hurricane will lets say make land fall, this is a trick I use. Find a map showing the Hurricane and any fronts.

I take my fingers on to the screen and see how wide half of the hurricane is, and then place the fingers on the frontal boundary. That is how close the eye can go towards the front.

I know sort of sesame street/simple thing, but it always works out right.

Now track and make your own decisions. Think about and listen not just where they say it will go, but about the steering mechanism which turn storms and then draw your own conclusion.

I make up my own mind about storms, I never take the word of Government like it is truth. My life my decisions.

I listen to what they think and decide for myself if they are right. I had conversations with several people today, with no understanding of Hurricanes/storms, What I wrote here I believe in decide for yourself if it is true. Again don’t take my word or the word of anyone else. Think for your self, figuring out what will happen take information. and study. Information and thought. And don’t guess know!

Fishin Frank

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