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hey were are here 09/13/17 almost

Hi Boys and Girls

For today and tomorrow please call 941-625-3888 and see if we are open.
By Fri we will be on regular hours again. Many of us are still getting wood off windows and cleaning yards and such.
The store has power and we just got internet.

No power at my house but the generator is running the ref and window a/c so all good

the store flooded from rain water so using shop vac to suck the water up. boxes and stuff water logged, But all in all the bait tanks are running so the water will be good for Friday when we get bait.

I hope all of you are well and have power.
Wishin you all the best
Fishn Frank




Fishin up date 09/09/17

Just wanted to wish every one the best, and from all of us thanks, be safe and when this is over
Lets go fishing, waiting is the pits. gotta finish boarding up the doors good luck and bye for now

Stay safe,
See you on the other side

Fishin Frank and The Pirate Crew

Fishing and the Hurricane 09/06/17

Fish are really effected by low pressure systems, and feed like crazy right before a drop in air pressure, So to sum it up. the fishing will get better and better and better until the moment the storm hits. now in this case it might be a little nuts to be waiting for a storm to hit just to catch a bunch of fish.

Why, well let me try this on you, if you have ever flown in a jet, your ears plug up, and you get very uncomfortable from the pressure changes while the plane is taking off or really bad as the plane lands.

Now think about a fish, inside of the fish they have a tiny swim bladder which is kind of like a balloon for lack a better thing. the fish squeezes the bladder and it sinks down in the water. If the fish expands the bladder it will float towards the surface.

The air around the earth has a basic pressure of 14 psi which press down on the surface of the water. during a storm the air pressure drops very fast, so the fish in shallow water feel it, and it makes their swim bladder expand unnaturally large making it hard for them to stay where they want to be in the water column, even to stay up- right.

So after millions of year the fish start to feel the pressure changes coming and know the result, so eat they as much as possible before it hits.
The deeper the water the less effect air pressure has on water pressure, at 33 feet the water creates another atmosphere of press basically 28 psi

right before hurricane Charley the sensors in the Harbor which track tagged fish, showed a mass exit from the harbor. Fish, Sharks all left the harbor heading to deep waters in the hours right before Charley hit land.

So away the air pressure drop is why I believe the fish feed so much right before a front. A Frankisum maybe not a trueisum.



what I think about hurrincanes 09/06/17

This is a Frank-isum, not for fact a true-isum

A lack of understanding about how storms work not a good thing, to be prepared for any thing you should understand it, not react emotionally!!! A little bit afraid is a good thing, reacting to that fear with out thinking a very bad thing.

When will a hurricane cause flooding from storm surge?

IF a storm hits the west Coast of Florida, say god forbid, South of us like Fort Myers all of the water in Charlotte Harbor would be pushed out. They say when Donna Hit you could walk from Port Charlotte to Punta Gorda across the river.

Now lets say if again, god forbid the storm hit north of us like Englewood or Sarasota the water would be pushed into the Harbor, which would or could cause Port Charlotte to Flood.

Now the only way a storm can create a really big or large storm surge is to be out and come in straight at the coast. It has to have time to get all of that water in front of it.
A storm going along the coast will create a very small or minimal surge.

A Hurricane is a low pressure zone. no matter how big or bad, it can NOT go into a high pressure zone, even into a moderate high. A high pressure zone is the stronger, but the low is meaner/nastier.

Storms even hurricanes roll along frontal boundaries, even hurricanes do not or maybe can not push through most fronts.

Just because a hurricane hits Florida does not mean we get flooded, One thing it is a huge state.
Storms landing here Miami would not even notice. Think !!!!

To try and figure out where a hurricane will lets say make land fall, this is a trick I use. Find a map showing the Hurricane and any fronts.

I take my fingers on to the screen and see how wide half of the hurricane is, and then place the fingers on the frontal boundary. That is how close the eye can go towards the front.

I know sort of sesame street/simple thing, but it always works out right.

Now track and make your own decisions. Think about and listen not just where they say it will go, but about the steering mechanism which turn storms and then draw your own conclusion.

I make up my own mind about storms, I never take the word of Government like it is truth. My life my decisions.

I listen to what they think and decide for myself if they are right. I had conversations with several people today, with no understanding of Hurricanes/storms, What I wrote here I believe in decide for yourself if it is true. Again don’t take my word or the word of anyone else. Think for your self, figuring out what will happen take information. and study. Information and thought. And don’t guess know!

Fishin Frank

My storm rules 09/04/17

My storm rules,
Cat 1 have a drink and relax enjoy the show, try to pick up the yard.

Cat 2 pick up the yard no drinking but not to worry

Cat 3 pcik up and tie down everything, No drinking
worry a bit and cover windows and pay atention

Cat 4 or higher lift my skirt scream like a little girl with a broken Barbie and get a flight for Vegas!

There is nothing you can do in a cat 4 or higher other than get hurt or worse. as the Rasta say dig hole Hurricane a coming

I really dont think this storm will get iin to the gulf much less hit us. But hey Murphy’s law.

Or as my favorite saying gose
Want to hear God laugh ?
tell Him/her your plans!

my rules not your rules <—disclaimer

Storm pages where to find info 09/04/17

With weather page or anything else

don’t take their word for what will happen, look at steering winds at 40 k feet and where the fronts are which may stop or turn a storm, no matter how big a storm is they can not go into a high pressure zone.

Winds can and do turn hurricanes, so I do not always agree with the storm center on where storms will go.

Decide for your self, use the info! but don’t blindly turst computer models.
Fishin Frank

Here are two pages I use to get info on storms, they are linked from under the weather tab
I like how much they have between the two, there is a lot.

Frineds Fishin update 09/04/17

Hello Frank,
Just moved to Punta Gorda in June and just bought a boat in late July, live at the very top end of BSI
Have listened to all of your archived shows and really appreciate all the info! It’s been very helpful
90% of my fishing is with fly.
For couple weeks before the rain I fished between Alligator and Mangrove point for the juv. tarpon on top the bar and just off,10-30lb avg. it was good!
Also fly fished east keys south of Alligator around the bushes and points a mile or two south, peanut snook, small snapper and a few jacks. Fished this past Friday before the holiday and outside the bar a couple miles north of Pirate were acres of ladyfish and small speckled trout, caught one or the other every few cast just blind casting with a 2/0 tarpon pattern I happened to have tied on.  One or two adult tarpon blew up on the ladys, A few bunches of jack in the creek mouths and on the bar.
All the dredging has been completed in Alligator and BSI rim canal for about two weeks, the barge your guys reported seeing last week in the channel was just a pile rig, they pulled the hopper dredge about two weeks ago and the excavator barge out of the water last week with a crane at the end of my canal.
In the canal out back there was a lot of 5-15lb tarpon all of June and July then disappeared, they had just started coming back with the tiny bait before the rain. Was some just after the rain but have seen none the last three or four days.. All of last week Alligator creek had a few small pods of the larger juv.  between Gator Marine and the old Marina but they would just gulp all at once then disappear deep, not really fishable. Think they may have been some of the same ones I was fishing out front, the water temp dropped  6-8F out there.
Really haven’t tried BSI or Alligator lately except saw a boil on the way out last week,  and had what looked like a decent snook hit an x-rap (single hooks) and missed on a seawall  point a little ways inside the lock canal.  Also for info if not aware? there is a sign that states “no fishing within 100′ of lock” (just thought I’d mention for your google page that shows fishing there?)
The rain water pushed out the tiny bait that was just getting good behind the house and rim canal, no bait or fish on my snook light now. Tiny snapper along the seawall though and maybe a few sheepshead popping critters on the wall and piles, least sounds like that.
Will try to give reports of anything I catch up here and will start checking the BSI canals and Alligator more often on the way out.
Love the Babies on the 8wt, can’t be anymore fun!
Thanks again for all your insight and help with the fishinfranks maps and reports…
Glenn F.
BSI, Punta Gorda
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