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store hours changing

We will be open this weekend 7:am to 6:pm starting Fri April 3rd

then Starting Monday April 5th, Fishin Franks will be open 8:am to 6:pm possible 8 to 5 see how I hold up.

many of our people do not wish to be exposed to Virus, So they are staying home.
I am too old to work 16 hours a day 7 days a week. and I do not wish to over load the people who are still working.
So in order to keep the store open , with Hours I can maintain 8 to 6 will be the new normal.
until things get better.
Fishin Frank 

where can you go fishin or just be out side, what is closed?? 03/27/20

Ok where can you go fish or just be outside?
this is complicated, The Charlotte County amenities are closed !!!   Now what is that.
this inculdes Piers, Park benches, Grills, handrails. shelters, bathrooms.

Think of it this way anything the county built, in a park.

So take the  Spring lake boat ramp, you can fish from the sand /shoreline but you CAN NOT go on a dock, Pier , or use the bathroom.
Stump Pass park which is state only 50% of the parking spaces can be used. Which from what I understand is for most parks.

At the 41 bridge the walk way under the bridge is a county pier you WILL get a ticket if you walk on it.
however you should be able to fish from the shore line/ seawall.
Now I am sharling this after talking to the county. and it SHOULD be true, again if an officer says you have to leave, LEAVE

they are in a bad / strange place don’t make thier life harder.Just leave.

Right now during this time, we can have everything we want just because we want it.
So be nice to each other, people working in stores at the cash registers and cops and just anyone
Fishin Frank


this week in fishin 1 to 2 pm 03/26/20

So the ramps are open and the piers are closed, But for you Bass fisher people freshwater parks can still be fished,
Here’s the deal. You can fish from the shore at a fresh water park. What you can not do is sit on a bench or picnik table, go in a shelter or use the bath rooms. All of the amenites are closed. which while not siad to me I think is a liabilty issue. So as long as you do not touch or use anything in the park. remember no play ground equipment you can bring a chair and sit by the water or walk through some of our parks. But keep a safe distance from each other, when fishing a rod lenght apart.
Any questions or if I did not explain well enough call ne at the store or tune in at 1:pm click listen now button we will discuss this more and talk about where the fishing is good and you can legally go. So this week in fishin 1 to 2 pm 97.5 fm or

Military here?

it is likely the military are here, Mobile testing labs and extra hospital beds are all done by the military,
while it makes people un-easy to think military are here, it may be for very good not evil lock down purpose,
I am trying to focus on real things which they may be a big part of making oour lives better.

PS: makes me nerous too, but trying to keep cool head

a beautiful north port place to go hide

Blue Ridge Park in North port

a really cool place to walk around fish or just sit and enjoy

the pages I made have directions from fishin franks to the spot

enjoy get some sun shine stay a rods length away from each other

Fishin Frank


Daily where to get away spot Taylor Dam

This is one of the old time Snook Fishin Spot, Not much parking but that is a good thing
Quite often Bass will fall over the Dam, So it is common to catch a Snook then a Bass, Below the dam
This area is a major growing area for tarpon, From 6 inches long to 4 foot long

get out sun shine is healthy and keep safe space between you and other ,
Remember A rod length away. Chat from a distance
Fishin Frank

daily where to get out doors update 03/19/20

Hathaway Park just east of Punta Gorda

there is hiking & Horse trails and some good freshwater fishing

just 15 minutes away

hope you enjoy and there is room to social distance
Fishin Frank


My Mom’s memorial serive will be postponed

With all that’s going on My mothers memorial services will be held at a later date.
I will post when we know.

My Terry, My Sister Pam, Me
and my Mother Catchin Carol , My Dad and Mom started Fihsin franks, after she passed we found the bill of Sale for the store with the first dollar even made here.
As the old saying was
If you want to go Fishin go with Frank
If you want to go Catchin go with Carol
Both my Parents have passed now and after 64 years of marriage,
Thank you for your Thoughts,


todays place to get away in Port Charlotte

Lake betty,
A fresh water fishing spot with, play ground and pretty good fishing.

fresh air and sunshine is good for you

Have fun relive some stress
Fishin Frank

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