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Saying good bye to a lost friend tomorrow

Hi Tomorrow at 9:30 I could use a hand. A gas operated cut saw to remove the Muriel from the wall of old Fishin Franks.

and A couple ladders as I would like to save some of the siding from the building. If any one has a screw gun with a star bit, I am going to try and take apart the seminar area.

why, We are looking at a new building as I did not own that property “long pain-full Story So are wish to have the parts of the store we can save and bring them to the house, So if we can get a new store they can be put up.

anyone is welcome to come by and say to the crew and help out or just look in side ,
I understand we ran the store but to many it was also like losing a family member , We will be there most of the day

one last thing if someone has a flat bed that can haul the wall sections that would be cool.
as an up -date it is still 50/50 if we will reopen insurance and bank loans all factor in.

We are miss you and hope to see some of you tomorrow

Fishin Frank


Store hours as of 05/16/20

Covid Hours are ending and we are almost back to normal.
So as of Monday 05/18/20 our hours are

Monday – Saturday 6:am to 8:pm
Sunday – 6:am to 7:pm

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