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Tomorrow 06/07/20 Sunday Bar 17

Robert, Jeff, Mike, Chandler , Vinnie, Steve “Peg Leg” Heather The one and only other Steve,
Greg. Josh,  and several other all going to Bar 17 on hwy 17 just east of Punta Gorda
For The end of the Poker Run. We will be there about 4:30

the end of the charity Run ceremony will be at 5:30 pm maybe 6

This is open to every one come on out to Bar 17
Fishin Frank & “T”

burial ground!!!!! You have to be kidding me


Burial Ground are you kidding me! is my life not strange enough.

Yes indeed, The building that we have put in a formal bid on was indeed a burial site / Cemetery for black people
back inn the late 1800 or early 1900 I had read so many stories of that period people began telling me that the building was haunted and on a burial ground, I thought no way, only yes way.
the rumor is that is why no business ever succeeded there, But if they had succeeded it would not be for sale for us to try and buy it. I don’t know why ghost of any color or back ground would not like a bait shop.
But REALLY a burial site.
What do you think, lower the bid I just put in??? look for another place ???? Just go on????
talk about a weird luck, a truck on my building/life,
IS there such a thing as signs and if so what does all this mean.
And HOW and WHY was a building put there in the first place????
Fishin Frank

down to the wire

So last night we put in a bid on the building, and it hinges on do they accept and inspections, and a transformer problem. this is how down to the wire this is. wish us luck.

Up to 85%

I was going to post earlier, but I fell asleep, I guess old guys need naps.
Had a meeting today, found out lots about county fee’s ouch , but oh well
ran into a new stumbling block. I guess we need to move or design around a transformer?
we are waiting for FPL to tell us what’s up . after that see if we can agree on a price and then ?????
So to sum it up , things are still going forward on the new building.
Just a matter of money , Wish me luck we are closer
Fishin Frank


Thank you Uncle Nicks Pizza

Sunday there were between 100 and 200 hundred people helping take the memories and stuff
off of the Fishin Franks old store. and they had a treat when a BUNCH of really tasty Pizza’s showed up
with all different toppings
Lots of smiling faces chewing really good Pizzas

had a meeting with the bank today and started hauling trailer away
so we are still 80% sure we are going to open

Well a sad and Happy Day

The sad we had a lot of people there to look in side to see the devastation and morn the loss of what was Fishin Franks which was a family member to them,

The happier news we saved mural walls, brunt panels even found some reels!
Dozens of people amazing people reclaimed all of the decking chair materials from the seminar area,
the light house which was first up at the old SOS marine and the Metal Fish which Mac’s metals made for us.

Holy fish, Fish man, what a crazy week.
To everyone who made it there today and the people who wished they could be there, Thank you,

up date on the new store, We are about 75% that we will be opening up, Hey big changes in the last hours as yesterday it was 50/50 , Still insurance, county approval, Bank loan, and a few other things.

myself & Terry our crew, and Howard Corr Realator , Mick Graddy insurance, The Bank and others are working every day to try and make this happen, YES I COULD retire but that just sounds boreing

Fishin Frank



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