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This Year Santa Harley power 2017
Fishin You a Merry Christmas

2016 Santa Takes a break to Fish you a Merry Christmas

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Radio Show up date 10/17/17

WKDW 97.5 FM RADIO New fishing show 1:pm – 2:pm With Fishin Frank & Robert

Our New Radio Show called Fishin Zone, Starts Thursday Oct 26th
1:pm to 2:pm
this is a get ready for the week end Fishin report show.
WKDW is broadcast from North Port and is all Local shows, Music, talk, Radio
Check them out on 97.5 or

Fishin Frank

Fishin up date 09/25/17

Red fish and Tarpon are the two fish that I would target and the west side is where I would head, The Red fish are holding under the mangroves wherever there is a slightly deeper pocket and they seem to be in groups of 3 to 6 fish. Shrimp with a Rock port head or just free lined,
and the Tarpon are just out from the mangroves or could be on top of the bar.
Plenty to keep you busy but you might have to look a bit, But find them you will or they will find you.

Drunk Bait contest winners 09/22/17

What a response and these lucky People won.
I had said the first ten, thinking I could give a few to others to try But I am going to double that to the first 20
There were many more, Thank you everyone for your interest. I wish I had enough for everyone.

Mark S.
Jacqueline S.
Lonnie B.
Shannon M.
Jimmy P.
David P
Sara F.
Tyler D.
Adrian G.
Bill S.
William C.
Jason T.
Woo Hoo
Christa M
Andra M.
Capt KC
Jimmy L.
Wes G.
Patrick O’C
Brett C.

There are a few color option, Choice of Colors will be first come, First Pick
You can pick up your bags of Drunk Baits here at the store,
or if out of town we will mail you your bag next week. If you need the Drunk Baits mailed to you.
Fishin Frank



Contest win drunk baits 09/20/17

CONTEST win a bag

Ok send you answer to

What country are the plastic baits from?

the first 10 people to E-mail me {not message} [not reply on F.B. ]

Drunk baits we have been testing and carry a full line of colors, I met the owner in the Shop and we have become friends.
The baits are excellent on Large Mouth bass if you are looking for a bass lure this is it!

In Salt or brackish water they are doing very well, mostly Trout, lady fish, and Mackerel, But a couple Snook have been caught and a Bonnet shark on them.

best way to rig is with a narrow head, jig head the smaller the head is the more extra wiggle you get from the popper style head and the tail is very active
all in all a very good addition to your tackle.
Fishin Frank

Answer to Question 09/20/17

I was asked about Shrimping in Placida, where the best place would be.
This Question has a multi part answer. where either you are lucky or everything has to come together.

Where to catch Shrimp, In or close to a Pass on an out going tide, Shrimp do not “Live” in The Harbor or I.C.W. they grow up here. and like many other species they leave when they get Large enough. Red Fish, Tarpon, Goliath Grouper and other do the same thing. So while there is shrimp in the Harbor and I.C.W. even the creek and Canals, How big they would be is the Question. The Smallest Shrimp of the Year, would be in June and July. Pee-Wee Shrimp. season is what this time is called as they are the hatch from the shrimp who left.

When to catch well as shrimp molt or cast off their shell outer coating each month or so to get bigger just like a BLUE crab does they get adult size late October or November and would start migrating out of the back country, Harbor and canals heading towards the gulf the Peak season for catching shrimp is January-ish and ends some time in May.

Why are they there. Well Shrimp Live in 60+ feet of water in the Gulf or Oceans Shrimp in some form or another have been found as deep as people have been able to go. and Shrimp use the bays as nursery to grow up where they can hide from the predators. Not all type of shrimp do this but many and the ones you can catch from shore are this type. So in order to catch them it has to be an outgoing tide as they leave the Harbor, bay, and I.C.W. to go where they will live as adults.

This is not to say you can not catch shrimp at this time of year, only that it would be more difficult and as they say it would be better to be lucky than good right now, We always have shrimp and you never know you could find a way ward group and have a great time. But your chances of having a night where you fill the cooler  with big shrimp, sweet and tasty as there is less Iodine, in the Back country waters, the shrimp do not have the slight bitter flavor of ones caught in deeper waters. I like them better. Your chances are much better in November to April
Hey it is early and this is my first typing of the day.
so I hope you can understand my thoughts written here. and I hope this helps
Fishin Frank



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